Sirpa Tapaninen

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Sirpa Tapaninen

Sirpa Tapaninen has studied the three-year Alexander Technique teacher training in Helsinki, Finland, 1997-1998 and in Cornwall, England, 2001-2002. She qualified from the Alexander School of Cornwall in June 2002. She was trained by Dick Gilbert (1935-2008). Mr Gilbert has been trained by Sir Walter Carrington who was a direct pupil and a trainee of F.M. Alexander.

Sirpa gives private lessons and courses in Tampere and Orivesi, Finland. She travels around Finland giving courses. Big customer groups are office workers, computer professionals, teachers and consultants, horse riders, musicians, and athletes.

Sirpa has a Master's degree in political science. She's specialized on third world issues. Before qualifying as an Alexander teacher she worked as a consultant in North South issues, development cooperation and public health. She still works in this field as well as teaching the technique. As a consultant she evaluates on-going and completed projects, and teaches project assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation to personnel of various organizations. Sirpa is also an Astanga Yoga instructor.