Sirpa Tapaninen

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Pupils’ Views

The technique has benefited me so much! For example I don’t get tired or tense in the neck while driving any more. I used to get back pain out of cleaning the cat litter tray but in Alexander lessons I’ve learnt to squat without hurting myself.

I’ve learned to live everyday life with less effort and to stop more often. My balance has improved very much, which benefits my horse riding. Horses connect to me differently from before. When ever I remember to apply the technique I really find improved connection, even with so-called problem horses.

I’ve learned to use my eyes better. In my work as a dentist I have to stare long periods of time not only into peoples’ mouths but also at a computer screen. My work has become easier since I learned to use my peripheral vision in cooperation with focused vision.

Ritva Uotila, 54, dentist.
It is a wonderful experience to be able to release my neck, I almost get dizzy every time! Amazing how little work it takes with the teacher before your muscles remember it for you.” Susanna Pihlman, 34, Executive director of foster home.

After an Alexander lesson I feel light and upright without forcing ift or doing anything. My neck feels like it’s been oiled.
Suvi Puronen, 49, General Practitioner
For me the Alexander Technique has been excellent coaching that prepares me for stage. I used to wonder why playing certain things feel easy at home and impossible on stage. It didn’t make any sense, after all it was the same person, me, playing all the time!

Before long I realised I did things a bit differently when I was nervous. The Alexander technique has helped me in perceiving and controlling these things. Use of the self has a direct connection to the mental stress that strikes you before a concert. You improve the control of your body and stress level goes down. The stress never vanishes completely but it is easier to live with it.!
Antti Mäkelä, 25, musician
The Alexander technique is such a fantastic method that has received far too little attention!
Sakari Puisto, Phd, 32, Chief Scientific Officer
I’ve been into athletics since I was a young man. I’ve been into biking, cross country skiing, weight lifting, running, judo and down hill skiing. During the past 25 years I’ve taught cross country skiing and down-hill skiing professionally. One of the reasons to exercise has been to feel light and easy.

I started taking Alexander lessons in the autumn of 2008 and after only 4 lessons I noticed something extraordinary: if I released my neck I could get off a chair as lightly as a feather! Apart from some few occasions I’ve never felt this kind of lightness as a result of physical exercise.

The thousands of hours I’ve spent doing physical exercise have naturally not been in vein. But now I have a new perspective, applying the free neck to athletics.
Jari Rauhala, 50, skiing teacher.
I observe myself nowadays totally differently from before when I didn’t know the technique. At the moment I’m learning downhill skiing. And the Alexander technique is used all the time as a basic control of the movement.

I’ve also been into riding for a long time and because of the technique I nowadays concentrate more on myself than on the horse while riding. This is because the rider’s use affects the horse’s use. If the rider’s use is good it encourages the horse to do the right thing, which the horse wants to do anyway. On the other hand if the rider uses her/ himself badly the horse either locks itself up or goes numb.

Soili Kekäläinen, nurse specialized on surgery and internal diseases.